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Being happy can be considered one of the main life goals of all people and at all times, but what is happiness? What is easy to achieve? Some people spend years finding it, for others, it’s a fact, and everyone finds it in their own way: in love, in friends, at work, or even in a cup of coffee. Truth is this There is no one rule, but it can be helped to achieve it. The question is, how?
Commented Alejandro Sencerado, Spanish, data analyst, head of the Institute of Happiness in Copenhagen and author of the book “In Defense of Unhappiness” Wellness event organized by LA NACION, he is “something measurable”. His step on this path started at the age of 18 when he started measuring his own happiness. “I wasn’t happy, even though I had everything I was supposed to: a healthy family and a group of friends. But that wasn’t enough for me. There was a lot of conflict around me, my parents amongst themselves. Used to argue and I did it with my girlfriend,” he said.
Faced with this situation and amidst so many twists and turns, she decided to record everything that made her happy, no matter what made others happy. The plan was simple: “Every night I asked myself the same question: ‘Would I like to repeat today tomorrow?’ Its scale ranged from zero to 10, if the answer was above five, it was believed that he wanted to repeat it, if it was below, no,” he confessed. This habit is repeated daily to this day.
And that based on his own experience of permanently questioning whether he was really happy during the day, he says a number of factors come into play when giving the final verdict. Among them, he highlighted To work and if we have argued with our partner, as to the points that affect the most. “Knowing with certainty how happy someone feels and for what reasons helps us draw conclusions so that our companies and countries can change later,” the expert said.
For Cencerrado, there is another aspect that concerns not only individual happiness, but also with society. In this sense, he insisted that his dissatisfaction was due to the fact that “We’ve focused a lot on making progress something economic, while focusing on GDP, unemployment and productivity.” Even then, He emphasized that these points are always linked to well-being because “when a country is poor, the best thing it can do to increase its happiness is to increase its wealth,” he said. .
Even then, In developed countries, it happens that this situation is no longer directly related. According to the expert, these are nations where the growth of wealth does not match with happiness and he cited the United States of America as an example. “For a decade, GDP has increased a lot, but people are less satisfied, so it shows that We should not focus only on the physical aspect”, He added.
As a result of this idea, he demystified another series of characteristics affecting the happiness of nations and among them he highlighted concepts. Inequality and trust. “If there’s anything that we’ve seen, it’s that it’s useless for a country to become richer and richer if that wealth goes to a few people. And that’s what we believe is happening, for example, United in the States of America,” he confessed. Another matter he put on the table was Finland, and analyzed that it is a less prosperous country than the United States, but where people say they feel very happy, Since “those who don’t have get it through taxes from those who have the most, the gap is reduced,” he declared.
Regarding trust, he confesses that even if it seems a lie, It is very important to trust strangers Arguing that you cannot live in a bubble cut off from others. In this regard, he mentioned Argentina and Spain as the two countries with the highest rates of mistrust with each other and, above all, governments.
On another level, he spoke in favor of moments of unhappiness to value the present and what you have, And so, essentially being happy again, He compared this fact to the time when the Covid pandemic had just started and the forties were echoing across the population. “With this virus we felt that it is enough to be happy to drink on the street or hug our loved ones,” he said.
According to Censrado, this contrast of happiness versus sadness, in part, originated in social networks, where People are led to believe that being happy depends on oneself and where unhappiness is associated with the perception of being a loser. To show this, he likens it to a work situation: “If you’re unhappy at work because your boss treats you badly, you don’t need to change, but he does, then we’re going to institute Happiness. For people to be happy, we must create social conditions that make it possible for them to be good”, he said.
In a world that is constantly changing and full of ups and downs, finding happiness can be an odyssey, which is why Censorado ends by returning to this idea from the beginning: “For me to be happy every night is to ask myself if I want today to be repeated tomorrow”, He concluded and insisted that happiness does not pass through money or a big house. Rather, “it’s about the people around me, feeling love and affection,” he concluded.

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