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Practical OFFICE HACKS that’ll make your daily workload STRESS-FREE

You want to be productive and well-organized in your daily office workloads?

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You want to be productive and well-organized in your daily office workloads? You must to
read this office hacks … Simple and Practical!

Is your daily office workload is freaking? Are you working in a multitasking environment
and don’t know where to start working at? Or your boss is giving you much with a time-
pressured deadline to finish? Or you’re catching monthly reports deadlines?

Well, these things are pretty habitual if you’re an office guys or if you’re working as a
secretary. To help you organize and become a productive employee at the end of the day,
the following practical tips will be of great assistance in your day-to-day work.

#1 Clean and arrange your desk

This must be the first thing you’ll do before doing anything. Even though you have an office
cleaner, cleaning and following -up your mess; but having yourself arranging and cleaning,
keeping it organized according to your preferences is still a must. Only “YOU’ knows how to
keep your desk looks tidy and stress-free.

#2 Write a To-Do-List of the day

Write a To-Do-List of the day before starting-up your computer. Why before starting up
your computer? Because tendencies is higher that you’ll get pressured when you start to
open your email or anything that you might read, that’ll interfere while you are still
browsing your memory of all the things that needs to be done. Your To-Do-List must be
according to priority, which needs to be done first or things that can be delayed.

#3 Check your To-Do-List once a task is done

this is to lighten up your long lists that you need to accomplish, and at the same time, it will
guide you what to do next. In some way, it makes you content when you’ll see how
productive and efficient you are looking at the checked lists. Remember that these lists will
evaluate the level of your accomplishments, and will assure you that you’re not missing up
any errands to do.

#4 Start with an easy task –

when you’ll start with an easy one and finishes it within a click of the tip of your finger, the
level of your motivation increases and you’ll start to have more ideas and strategy that will
make all tasks easy and fast. However, when you’ll start with difficult tasks, it’s hard for you
to move on to the next because you’re being glued.

#5 Take a break

Find time to exercise, move your body and look around you for at least 10-minute. Get out
from your chair, fill your water tumbler or file some papers or anything that will move and
stretch your body. This will help you a lot.

#6 Review your To-Do-List

Before leaving your desk, review your lists and check the things you’ve done. You’ll smile of
the result as you manage your time wisely and intelligently. If there are lists not done yet,
keep it for the next day as your point of references.
Make these tips your habit and you’ll see how growing and comfy you are

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Written by Jane Murillo


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