I found my Life’s Challenger

Never in my wildest life did I ever realize that there is a so-called “Life’s Challenger”. Until one day, I met a person who has constantly shown the hardest part of life. After a couple of months, I have seen myself in a different level of growth and then I realized the situations gave me an opportunity to see myself in a different angle.

You are the hardest person I had ever met in this world. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to see myself in a different angle that I can and I will

I have to admit that I had given-up not only once, twice but many times.

I had shed a tear many times both in public and in private. In those time, I once asked God if I deserved these kind of life that I am into or maybe because I had promised in my prayer that whatever happens, I will glue myself into it because I badly needed it. That I would never ever complaint, instead do the best thing that I can.

I kept on praying and asking God’s wisdom and guidance why I have to endure the situation. That every time I see myself giving up, the road is too hard for me to exit. It seemed that there is no exit door, just an entrance that when you are in, you can no longer go out.

Months and months had passed;

I am still on the same place. Feeling pity on myself every day, every second and every minute, wishing that change will going to happen soon.Until one day, I found myself growing. I found myself working on a strategy on how I could go with the flow. I found myself looking at that person as a whole human being with cracks and scars of life. I saw myself looking the person’s beyond the facade and there I go. I remembered the principle of “Gestalt Psychology”  “The Whole is Greater than the Sum of the Parts”  . This means that my understanding should be whole not parts of that person’s personality.

Then, I decided to change my paradigm, instead of complaining and waiting for others to change, why I will not initiate the changes in me. That is why; I loved Stephen R. Covey’s book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People®   . This is my go to book for personal change and development. This book had taught me a lot, particularly “The 90/10 Principle

It’s always not easy as our level of patience everyday is fluctuating.

Our emotions are like currency, it goes up and it goes down. But once you will see that you are living a proactive life, you will appreciate that life is beautiful, that life has a meaning, that life is full of colors.

According to there are 4 Types of People You Need in Your Life. These 4 types will help us grow and mature as an individual.

  • The Motivator
  • The Empathizer
  • The Challenger
  • The Accountability Partner

I believed that as we age, we should have to upgrade our level of emotions, our perspective, our understanding, our patience and most importantly, the way we perceive life in general.

The person who gave me a wretched life is the same person who gave a more meaningful and purposeful life I am currently holding at. Every day, my level of patience increases as well as my creativity and that I will be forever grateful.

To all of you who have met or who will meet the challenger of your life, don’t give up – just give in. Just push harder, rest in between and face that person back. I can assure you, that person will give you the definition of “personal growth and change”. If you feel like giving up, feel it and acknowledge the feeling. It’s normal but never attempt to give-up. Life is awe-inspiring.


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Written by Jane Murillo

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