Life changing chances to change my life

The only think he likes better than talking about lasagne is eating

You learn so much from taking chances, whether they work out or not. Either way, you can grow from the experience and become stronger and smarter.

– John Legend

In 2010 I graduated from a private Architectural school in Addis Ababa. With a major of in Architecture and Urban Design Studies. change your life

During my college time

I actually didn’t give much focus on my grads despite the passion of design. Unfortunately, the main requirement for getting a job is higher grads. Which was quite challenging to find a job for almost a year.

About 8 months into the job search, I was hired to work at a small privet architectural consultant office with the help of a relative. Excited to start the next chapter of my life, I thought I had it all—a new life begins, great boss, new friends, and a stable job.

Wow! This was the real deal.

change your life

However, the excitement of my first “real” job quickly wore off. Although I may have enjoyed my experiences in college, that wasn’t the actual view I have in mind

I couldn’t spend my days working in an office doing something that didn’t give me the chance to do the things that I have passion about. I realized that in order to be happy I needed to make a change.

One and a half years after getting hired, as my application for the visa process is finely done, I resigned.

Many people asked me why. They said things like, “What’s your next step? I don’t understand why you would quit your job; What if you don’t like the new job? You don’t know anyone there, now you can’t come back without finishing the contract.

That’s not a very smart idea right now. You could have grown your experience in your profession”

They brought up valid, logical points. Still, I was not ready to live the same life every day. The only answer I could give them was that it wasn’t what I expect to be. It didn’t feel right and I have to try something new.

I didn’t want to all of a sudden turn thirty years old and look back and say, “Where did the time go?”

Life is too short not to do something you love. I needed something more needed to take advantage of my youth and my interests. Time was on my side.

So, I took a risk and travel. Unsure of my next job, I knew that I have to be ready to anything that will challenge me. I move to Qatar to a company that has indirectly connected to what I trained to do so.

Yes, I was nervous.

But the truth is that I was more nervous to stay at my old job than I was to travel to an unfamiliar country

In Qatar, I climbed out of my comfort zone and did things I’ve never done before. Work with different nationalities, communicating with locals in Arabic, ride a camel, took a walk in the hell hot climate, wore a uniform for job, live in a compound with a bunch of different nationalists, share different meals….. What a joy it was to experience a different culture and changing the climate for a while. change your life

This time has given me a chance to explore my strength and even it has ups and down I learn to stand by myself.

But most of all I realize that what so ever my job is the change I took gives me some new perspective for life. I grow up not only physically but psychologically by the challenges I have face every day. change your life

2 Year after I moved to Qatar, I meet my soulmate who is a workmate from Sri Lank which now we are expecting our first baby after 2 years of marriage.

Which at first it was just one part of the life experience but it was distended to happen that my journey was not only about job interest and passion, it’s all about a new and unthinkable chapter of my life to happen. Am happy and excited every day in what life brings.

I learned that life has no order and has no boundary and it never fails to surprise us every day as long as we are ready for change and take chances.

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