Boring Life? Here are few things you need to know

I am sure that most of us gone through this state of the mind.

Shot of a young businesswoman looking bored while working at her desk in a modern office


Life is never boring, but some people choose to be bored

– Wayne Dyer –

According to the dictionary, bored is defined as feeling weary and impatient because one is unoccupied or lacks interest in one’s current activity. Having these feelings is ordinary. However, the question is, until when you’ll be living in this mind set? When you’ll wake up and see yourself in a different angle?

I am sure that most of us gone through this state of the mind. We felt that everything is scripted, everything is routinely. Others are even more expert of their moves and routes from the time they woke up in the morning till they sleep at night and wakes up in the morning and do the same. Yes, it’s true life like this, is really a boring life.

Defeating boredom can be difficult but living and dwelling in this structured life is more boring and boring. Why don’t you get out of your shell and do some strange schedules. Take advantage of dull moments to make life colorful, exciting, productive and meaningful.

Don’t you know that being bored may lead to anger and undeniably to aggravation? Bored people are prone to overeating, heavy drinking and even more to excessive smoking. Feeling bored on a regular basis can become a psychological issue as it can cause painful experiences, or negatively affect work or school or even your relationship.

To fight with, there are many ways to overcome boredom, making your dull moment into something entertaining and alive. The best and most practical way to overcome is to convince yourself to “Change” your lifestyle. Connect yourself into activities that you aren’t usually doing or not even tried to do it at all, anything that will completely change your life.

So, here are my best 10 recommended things to do that will definitely give you a new version of “YOU”.. It’s the best time to start a new year with a new “YOU” J


Wake up early

If you’re not a morning person (like meL), decide to get up early, 3 hours before you will start your activity of the day or work. Upon waking up, devote 30 minutes to read any devotional or inspirational books and reflect and meditate on it. Then, another 30 minutes to exercise. Face Mr Sun to remind you that it’s another brand new day to celebrate life’s blessings.

Save and Invest 

Every now and then, life changes… Cost of living increases drastically and so you must to save and have some investments or any income generating project.

Make a monthly budget

Once you declare a monthly allocation of your day-to-day expenses or even your monthly bills, the advantage is you get to know your limits.

Utilize your talents and capacities 

We all have talents and skills, either; you are a good speaker or can draw or sketch something or paint. Anything that you are capable of doing extraordinarily is a talent, it’s a skill that you need to enhance and utilize. So, if someone told you that you prepared or cooked an amazing, delectable meal. This means, you have the talent and you must to enhance it.

Don’t keep the change in your mind, keep it in motion 

Like me, I am not a writer not even writing or contributing at all. But I have so many thoughts lying on my mind. Like, I want to create a blog but because, I have less interest of doing what I am thinking or conceptualizing, I ended up nothing. Until I got bored and toxic thoughts coming in and out, so, I decided to make and create an Instagram account (because I am Instagram addicted), the #moodquotesbyJane to throw all my thoughts, turning every toxic thoughts into a positive and inspiring thoughts.

Until my couple friend (thanks habibi Banchi and Danush) invited me to share my thoughts in their website I find it interesting and exciting. So, I gave myself a try. I got myself registered and submitted my quotes until I wrote and contributed articles. All the thoughts lying onto my mind started growing and improving. I was soooo happy then because I felt a changed in my life. Indeed, exploring new things can be of life-changing.

Meet new people and make friends 

Friendships have a huge impact on your health and happiness. And so, meeting new faces can be a stress reliever, it provides joy and even strengthen your physical health.

Meeting new people can give you a new and fresh life’s perspective, ideas and a lot more. You’ll never know that a new found friend may turn out to be your best friend.

Realize your long overdue plans

Start planning your plans, do some research, read books, explore and a lot more. Don’t just keep your plans but make it happen. Don’t just dream and dream but realize it. Use your creative mind and don’t stop until your plans will come true. Be positive and consistent.

Spend quality time to yourself, family and significant other 

Don’t just make time but spend quality time to them. You may organize a cozy dinner at home and cook their favorite meals. Going to an early morning jog and walk can also be a great idea to sweat and breathe fresh air.  Or going to a movie house, visit a museum or lunch at the beach and many more.

Get involved in a charitable or social work 

Be a volunteer at any charitable organizations you have in your place. Collect and sort out your old stuffs and donate. You can also sponsor a feeding program to the kids in a remote area in your place and share inspiring stories. There are a lot to mention things that you can involve or an active member. Share your blessings, either a service or an items; sharing can be of different ways and means.

Learn a new skill 

Remember, everything can be learned. Try to explore in gardening or cooking a new dish or baking or register yourself in sports organizations. Or why not enrolling in a driving school or ask someone to teach you how to drive. This is pretty coolJ. You can do it

I am pretty sure that there are countless things that you can do. Things that I haven’t mentioned or recommended, nevertheless, the bottom-line is to have a change in you. A changed that will help you manages the boredom in life, a changed that will make you a better version of yourself. A changed that will be a source of inspiration to others and a changed that will get closer to your life’s purpose.

Beat the boredom. It’s time to invest something new. Something exciting and cool


Don’t stay on the same version of yourself; keep it upgraded everyday…Install a software of positivity and a strong faith in God

– #moodquotesbyJane –

What do you think?

Written by Jane Murillo


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